Immerse yourself
in history.

Come inside the castle to see the priceless artworks and listen to the creepy ghost stories. We’ll take you on a journey of discovery through the history of Stygge Krumpen, Ingeborg Skeel, Napoleon and French vineyards.

Crawl down into the dungeon, explore the moat and find the blood stain that won’t wash off.

Goosebumps of fear and excitement are guaranteed as you listen to our many stories – and we can’t wait to tell them to you!

Experiences at Voergaard

Voergaard Castle is not a museum, so we give you a guided tour to show you the artworks and tell you the stories.

Book a tour here – or buy tickets in the shop in the indoor riding arena.

In the shop, you can hunt for delicious local specialities, beautiful handicrafts and current books, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the café.

During the Middelalderdage (Medieval Days), the whole area is buzzing with vendors, impressive crafts, glowing bonfires and a great atmosphere.

We organise Jul på slottet (Christmas at the castle), decorating and preparing all rooms for parties and festive gatherings. The Christmas market in the castle’s courtyard sells warm treats and beautiful Christmas decorations, so you can bring a bit of the castle’s Christmas spirit home with you.

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What happens
at Voergaard

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