Collections of the Danes

At Voergaard, we have a completely unique, private collection, which the previous owner Count Ejnar Oberbech-Clausen brought with him to Voergaard when he bought the castle in 1955.

Voergaard’s collection is truly unique – but what about the collections of the Danes?

Collecting is rarely about impressing others with the beauty or value of the objects. On the contrary, collections are often a hobby tucked away in cardboard boxes in storage rooms or basements. Therefore, it is a great honor for us to bring some of the Danes’ collections into the light.

The objects in each collection are interesting in themselves but can also often be seen as an expression of larger societal, design, and craftsmanship traditions.

We are excited to showcase four special collections and hope that together we can learn more about the act of collecting – and the collectors themselves.

The exhibition takes place in the Riding Hall at Voergaard Castle. (The large red building by the parking area)

Ticket information:

Exhibition ticket:

Price: 85 DKK

This ticket provides access to the exhibition: “Danskernes Samlinger” (The Collections of the Danes). If you also wish to access the castle, you can purchase a combination ticket.

Tickets can be purchased in the shop at arrival.

July 21 @ 11:00
11:00 — 16:00 (5h)

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