Jim Lyngvild exhibits in the great Hall (=Ridehallen) at Voergaard Castle

01 April to 23 October

01 April to 23 October. Open daily from 11 – 16.
From 29 August to 10 October closed on Mondays.

In the great Hall (=Ridehallen) you’ll find Jim Lyngvild’s SOLO Exhibition which contains a number of unique and personal designs by Jim Lyngvild.

The exhibition gives you a view of Lyngvild’s creativity and ability to create luxurious objects and among other things you’ll see a three meter tall bust of Queen Margrethe the Second, large unique gems, extravagant dresses, sculptures and gigantic photo pieces.

This exhibition unifies both new and old works among others a series of religious images – that embrace spirituality and superstition to folk religion, beliefs in the old Norse Asatrú and Christianity.

SOLO was formerly exhibited in the Museum of Southeast Denmark.

In the barn you’ll find an exhibition of Christian images – an add on exhibition by Lyngvild. These images have formerly been exhibited in Faaborg Kirke, but here at Voergaard in a somewhat smaller scale.

OBS: I påsken d. 14. – 18. april kan du besøge både slottet og udstillingen.

1 Adult 95,- DDK
1 Child 50,- DDK